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MySpaceHippo is a great new site for you to get your MySpace Layouts, Comments and Code.

We have spent a LONG time sorting our content, naming it, and putting it in the right place to offer you a great easy “Search” box at the top, so you can quickly find exactly what you want.

We have organised each and every file to make it very simple to find what you want, and unlike most MySpace content sites – we will not swarm you with popups, popunders and other ads that interfear with your viewing. We hope you like MySpaceHippo, and please, tell your friends!

- MySpaceHippo.

All The Glitter we Have:

Glitter Rocks!

Glitter Graphics
Glitter Graphics
Loads of cool little pictures to add to your Profiles, and to send to your m8’s. All sorted, and easy to find exactly what you want.

Cartoon Glitter Graphics Disney Glitter Graphics
Kiss Glitter Graphics Hearts Glitter Graphics
Flowers Glitter Graphics Doll Glitter Graphics
Animal Glitter Graphics Other Glitter Graphics
Glitter Graphics (All)  

Glitter Names
Glitter Names
We have a massive collection of Names from A to Z. Find yours and add it to your Profile.

Glitter Name Maker
Glitter Name Maker
Could not find your name above, use our MySpace Glitter Name Maker – it’s easy to use, and there is a big choice to get it looking exactly how you want.

We are not affiliated with MySpace - We just Provide Layouts, Codes, and Graphics to Customize your page.